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About Us

The Best Mattress Store in America

Over the last 36 years the team has sold over 1.5 million mattresses. yes that's right 1.5 million!

We are Haaga's Mattress. We manufacture mattresses in America for Americans by Americans. Here at Haaga's Mattress we try and make the best product available for customers at the price we think is affordable. When you buy from Haaga's Mattress you avoid the pushy salesman, high prices and poor customer service other mattress company’s cant compete with. If people Knew how mattresses were made, they would never pay for a name brand mattress... Ever!! The foam the coils comes from the same manufacturers that supply the big name brands. But Haaga's Mattress customers don't have to pay for a name. They get the same quality at a better price.

We strive to do our best make the best product we can in America. Since our very first customer received delivery of their new mattress back in 1979. Our warranty rates are among the lowest in the industry be we make the highest quality mattress for the price. Also our customer return rates are among the Highest in the industry. Haaga's Mattress has worked hard to create customers for life.