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  1. Encase® Mattress Protector

    Encase® Mattress Protector The patented Encase® mattress protector offers complete encasement protection from bed bugs, dust mites, and liquids. Its laboratory-certified Micro Tite® zipper closure is bed bug proof and allows for easy removal. Also laboratory-certified, the H2Pro® membrane creates a quiet, liquid-proof and breathable barrier against allergens, dust mites, and liquids. Pillow protectors are available to create a healthy sleeping environment. Full mattress encasement Stops bed bugs, allergens, and dust mites Zipper designed for easy laundering Learn More
  2. Pr1me® Mattress Protector

    Pr1me® Mattress Protector The Pr1me® mattress protector features a hypoallergenic and absorbent cotton terry surface that sleeps comfortably and will not change the feel of the mattress. It also features the laboratory-certified H2Pro® liquid-proof membrane which creates a quiet, and breathable barrier against allergens and dust mites. The universal fit elastic ensures a secure fit for mattress depths of 6"-22". Pillow protectors are also available to create a healthy sleeping environment. Top of Mattress Protection Liquid-proof yet breathable Stops allergens and dust mites Learn More

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